unleashing leadership potential


  • Delivering High Performance
    - Develops key management skills. Includes objective setting, delegation and giving and receiving feedback. Equips and inspires managers to drive a ‘high challenge/high support’ culture.

  • Coaching for High Performance
    - Experiential workshop to develop managers’ abilities to coach people to drive performance. Includes the GROW model.

  • Impact and Influence
    - Experiential workshop to enable participants to maximise their impact and influence.

  • Presentation Skills
    - Activity-based workshop to enable managers to present with impact. Develops the use of words, voice and body to ensure lively and inspiring presentations.

  • Building Resilience and Managing Stress
    - Enables individuals and teams to build the resilience, wellbeing and toughness of themselves and others.

  • Time Management and Prioritisation
    - Participants learn to apply a process that will dramatically increase their ability to achieve their highest priorities in the midst of unprecedented distractions.

  • Customer and Colleague Listening
    - Enables managers to run structured listening groups for both customers and colleagues. Brings about ‘real-life’ actions to drive cultural and business change.

  • The SLII Experience
    - Workshop developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies. Participants will become situational leaders. They will be able to execute the best leadership style for any given situation, minimising wasted time and frustration.


Programmes and Activities

  • Leadership Academy
    - Modular and run over an agreed period of up to 12 months. Focuses on all aspects of leadership as required by your organisation. Measures both KPIs and behaviours at start and end with periodic updates in between.

  • Diagnostics and Health Check
    - A comprehensive review of current leadership practice and the culture of your organisation.

  • Away Days
    - Action packed, experience-rich team events to build high-performing teams. Licensed to include MBTI, TMSDI, Insights and SDI where required.



  • Executive Coaching
    - Individual off-the-job coaching, either face to face or online.

  • Personal Observation Coaching
    - Individual on-the-job coaching, observation and feedback.

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